Europa Universalis IV – Granada Re-Reconquista – Part 1

Instructional guides from a veteran Europa Universalis player. Taking place on patch 1.15 Ironman difficulty. Cossacks. All DLC. Re-Reconquista.

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Reconquista: Weapons and Tactics in Crusader Spain

This video details the arms, armor, and military approach of Crusaders in the Spanish wars against Islam. Source cited: Joseph O'Callaghan Reconquest and Crusade in Medieval Spain

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Reconquista Trailer

1. Trailer der Deutschen Modifikation Reconquista für das Addon Kingdoms von MedievalII Total War Mehr Informationen zur Mod hier: First Trailer from the modification Reconquista for Kingdoms: Total War See more here Download here

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What is Islamic „Taqiyya“ – Are Muslims told to lie?

The act of Taqiyya really gives one an insight into the whole "religion" of Islam. At least Jews and the Christians follow a religion that commands one not to lie.

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La Reconquista española

Video sobre la Reconquista española donde se forjaron leyendas y ocurrieron grandes batallas como las Navas de Tolosa etc…

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Islam in Britain – Islamic Forum Europe and George Galloway

the REAL New World Order – What is the true purpose of the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE), and how they plan to destroy Britain, as a stepping stone for establishing the Muslim Khilafah – the pan-Islamic world state, governed by Sharia law.

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Islamisierung Bosniens – Mitten in Europa

Poland, mega Anti-Islam protest

Nationalists marched on Poland's independence day (11 November 2015), but the demonstrations weren't ignored by the media in Europe. On 11 November 2015, nationalists in Poland marched to protest immigration and mark the country's independence day. Ongoing global debate about the 2015 Syrian refugee crisis...

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Al-Andalus ( Islam in Europe ) 2/11

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