Islam in Britain – Islamic Forum Europe and George Galloway

the REAL New World Order – What is the true purpose of the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE), and how they plan to destroy Britain, as a stepping stone for establishing the Muslim Khilafah – the pan-Islamic world state, governed by Sharia law.

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Muslim Invasion of Europe Statistics

Whenever you bring up the issue of muslim criminality you are labeled an islamophobe; public discussion is just about taboo. In this video I will try to use only trustworthy publications to show that yes, Muslims are pretty dangerous. In specific, we'll look at Sweden,...

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Importance of labeling Fort Hood shooting as ‚terrorism‘

Tommy Robinson: „Islam will not reform,“ so Europe must do THIS now

Excerpt from Ezra Levant's in-depth interview with UK Pegida leader Tommy Robinson about the future of Europe and whether Islam can reform. MORE: ***

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The truth about Islam: A Warning from Europe.

This video's purpose is to illustrate some of the dangers that Islamic ideology poses to Western nations, and the damage it is inflicting across the globe, both physically and intellectually. My blog: Sources: Its meanings: Ben Shapiro on fake 'minority' – Pew...

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Islam in Europe

The saddest part was that I didn't even need to move past the first page of search results for these clips. Terrorism and violence is so common in Europe now that it's becoming like the places these people fled from.

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Islam in Europe (Violence by Muslims in different European countries) Part -1

Regarding Antifa vs Lauren Southern & Violent Trump Rallies

Non Aggression Principle (NAP): To NAP or not to NAP? Trump Rally: Violence in San Jose There's been a shift… Stefan Molyneux: Moly on San Jose Trump rally violence: Chris Cantwell: Chris on San Jose trump rally violence: Gavin McInnes on Lefty violence:...

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Yvette Felarca Antifa

"Antifas" aggressively clash with "White Traditionalists" at the state capitol building in Sacramento California on June 26, 2016. More info on Yvette Felarca can be found at:

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