Islam in Britain – Islamic Forum Europe and George Galloway

the REAL New World Order – What is the true purpose of the Islamic Forum Europe (IFE), and how they plan to destroy Britain, as a stepping stone for establishing the Muslim Khilafah – the pan-Islamic world state, governed by Sharia law.

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Radical Islam in Europe

Angela Merkel has propagated the worst atrocity on the European people and we must awake to the dangers of RADICAL ISLAMIC TERRORISM

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The Future of Radical Islam in Europe

Speaker: Olivier Roy, Research Director, French National Center for Scientific Research Presider: Vali R. Nasr, Adjunct Senior Fellow for Middle Eastern Studies, The Council on Foreign Relations

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The Hidden Army Of Islam in Europe

Nidal Hasan convicted of murder in Fort Hood Terror Attack

Importance of labeling Fort Hood shooting as ‚terrorism‘

Boston’s Reactions to Marathon Bomber on Cover of Rolling Stone

Leaders of Benghazi review in the hot seat

Radicalization of Canadians on the Rise The mother of a young Canadian man currently in Syria has been asking for months how and why her son ended up there among a group of extremist fighters.

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