Rede von René Stadtkewitz in Paris – 18.12.2010

René Stadtkewitz hält auf der "International Conference on the Islamization of Our Countries" eine Rede über die Einschränkung der Meinungsfreiheit und die Gefahr einer Islamisierung in Europa: Stück für Stück wir uns unsere Freiheit durch eine Gesinnungsdiktatur genommen und dadurch bewusst oder unbewusst der Islamisierung...

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Aktionsvideo: Mobiles Mahnmal gegen Islamisierung am Stachus in München

Islamisierung tötet: Der Schild errichtet mobiles Mahnmal am Münchner Stachus! Aktivisten von Der Schild haben am 15. Januar 2017 ein mobiles Mahnmal gegen Islamisierung am Stachus in der Münchner Innenstadt errichtet. Den letzten Tag vom Münchner Eiszauber auf dem Karlsplatz (besser bekannt als Stachus) nutzen...

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Doku Dokumentation: Der Islam übernimmt Europa. Europa wird Islamisiert 2017

Freedom of Speech is in Danger by Islam

The writing was on the wall. Stephane Charbonnier, known by his pen name Charb, was the editor of Charlie Hebdo, a satirical French publication, and was assassinated in his office in Paris by Muslim terrorists on 7 January 2015. Watch him speaking about the threats...

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Antisemitism Against Jews in Europe

Watch parts of the documentary 'Allah Islam' about the Muslim Antisemitism against Jews in Europe. 'Allah Islam', also known as Islam in Europe, is a documentary series about the rise of Islam in Europe. The film was produced by Israeli film makers Zvi Yehezkeli and...

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Migrant Crisis | Radical Islam In Europe

The Rise Of Radical Islam In Europe By Nigel Farage On Fox News. DONATIONS to National Socialist Channel – HE NEED YOUR HELP TO CONTINUE THE STRUGGLE -Thank You All For The Tremendous Support Around The World –

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Hidden camera shows shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim – Islam in Paris –

Islamization of Paris a Warning to the West CBN com The French have become increasingly fed up with what they see as the growing Islamization of France. PARIS – Friday in Paris. A hidden camera shows streets blocked by huge crowds of Muslim worshippers and...

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Canada Deports Synagogue Terror Bomber Hassan Diab

Islam in Europe – Real Talk – Nice Terrorists Attacks

North Africans in Europe : Dutch!!! Dr. Zakir Naik : Talk Islam Vids : – – – Mufti Menk : – –

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