Problems with Newton’s theory – Horizon – BBC

In this BBC documentary clip from Horizon: What on Earth is Wrong With Gravity, Dr Brian Cox looks at some of the problems of Newton's theory of gravity. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here:

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David Hume Part 1

Please enjoy and subscribe too. Thanks! David Hume (7 May [O.S. 26 April] 1711 — 25 August 1776) was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist, known especially for his philosophical empiricism and skepticism. He was one of the most important figures in the history...

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Isaac Newton : A Gravidade do Gênio (The gravity of genius) – Documentary História

Isaac Newton : A Gravidade do Gênio (The gravity of genius) Newton nos mostrou sem uma sombra de dúvida que o mundo natural é matemático e que você pode aplicar leis matemáticas a tudo, desde as marés até as maçãs que caem das árvores. As...

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Isaac Newton – The Real Story

The Mark Steel Lectures – Isaac Newton

NOTE: Audio is disabled from 0:03 – 0:36. The audio goes back to normal after the 36 second mark. The Sir Isaac Newton lecture by Mark Steel

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Isaac Newton

Born on January 4, 1643, in Woolsthorpe, England, Isaac Newton was an established physicist and mathematician, and is credited as one of the great minds of the 17th century Scientific Revolution. With discoveries in optics, motion and mathematics, Newton developed the principles of modern physics....

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The Life and Work of Sir isaac Newton

Hannity goes into meltdown over Muslim’s taqiyya rant

The #1 International Bestseller 'The People vs Muhammad' by JK Sheindlin is now ON SALE at Amazon for up to 43% off the retail price!!! This offer is for a limited time only. Click here for the discount: Welcome to the NBT Network –...

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the survivors, 7 – 1000 fabricated years, Isaac Newton and other supporters of the true history

3. 4.,+edited+with+translations+and+notes+by+Bernard+P.+Grenfell+and+Arthur+S&source=bl&ots=XVEDcjE_J8&sig=RLTgKxkxFTKBehxO-jZYusdWEkQ&hl=en&sa=X&ei=ZdwFVZzGJ82VasT7gfgP&ved=0CEEQ6AEwBg#v=onepage&q&f=false 5. 6. 7. NOTE FOR THOSE WHO WRITE COMMENTS I won’t be able to respond or even read much of the comments on my videos. If you have a question that you would expect to be...

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