Malaysian Hijacked Plane: Al Taqiyya deception? Flight 370 ✴2016

A look at how a Malaysian plane could be highjacked and hid. A view that a muslim can lie to a non believer and pull of this deception. This is if it is done by exsteamists. Footage from fox news and cbs and a map...

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Benghazi: The Very Definition of Stonewalling

"This is the definition of how to conduct a stonewall." "Whatever the intent was, it surely was a Clinton protection operation." -Charles Krauthammer Please visit the link above to call your congressman and ask him/her to COSPONSOR Representative Frank Wolf's Bill, H.Res 36, which...

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Nidal Hasan convicted of murder in Fort Hood Terror Attack

Importance of labeling Fort Hood shooting as ‚terrorism‘

Parents of Benghazi Victim’s Testimony at Hearing & ARB Testimony Reviewed by Rep. Chaffetz

Director of National Intel. contradicts Obama on al-Qaeda

Leaders of Benghazi review in the hot seat

Discussing Debate w/ Organizer of Million Muslim March on 911

See the original debate with Brigitte Gabriel and MD Rabbi Alam on Hannity here:

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Radicalization of Canadians on the Rise The mother of a young Canadian man currently in Syria has been asking for months how and why her son ended up there among a group of extremist fighters.

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