Theory of relativity 2.0. Anxiety is a political entity comprised of 8 laws.

The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis truly revolutionary level of understanding of the issue of why with all the efforts to stop depression and anxiety, its come to it that we are getting worse.

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Remediating Political Theory Intro: Steven Shaviro

PHE5POL political thought

The Political Economy of the American Founding: A Constiutional Interpretation of Economic Theory

The Political Economy of the American Founding: A Constitutional Interpretation of Economic Theory by Dr. Gordon Lloyd on September 18, 2013 (Constitution Day) at Pepperdine University School of Public Policy

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Margaret Moore „Towards a Political Theory of Territory“

"Towards a Political Theory of Territory" Margaret Moore, Sir Edward Peacock Professor of Political Theory, Queen's University Speaker Series lecture recorded November 28, 2013

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New Politics Network Theory to Political Mobilization

Understanding Complexity: Applications- Political Science, Policy Research & Theory Development Pt 2

Understanding Complexity I: Simple Applications for Political Science and Policy Research & Theory Development Second part of a series of free workshops and a panel sessions offered by the PSO as a part of the APSA 2014 Annual Meeting. Co-sponsored by the Journal on Policy...

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Political Theory and Cinema: Riots, Crowds, and Demonstrations

Information Influx (2-4 July 2014) – Public Opening

Information Influx public opening: – Welcome Louise Gunning-Schepers (University of Amsterdam), Edgar du Perron (University of Amsterdam) and Bernt Hugenholtz (Institute for Information Law) – Keynote – Degrees of Freedom: Sketches of a political theory for an age of deep uncertainty and persistent imperfection –...

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