Ellen Kennedy – The Political Theory of Economic Governance

Political scientist Ellen Kennedy looks at the 2008 financial crisis and proffers suggestions, by looking to Germany, on how to govern the economy right.

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Chinese President Xi Jinping issues new political theory

Chinese President Xi Jinping has just issued his new political theory, the Four Comprehensives, in an effort to build stronger leadership and better govern the country. “Four Comprehensives” is a term that means to “build a moderately prosperous society, deepen reform, govern the nation according...

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Dugin on Fourth Political Theory

Electrical Lighting and Socialist Political Theory

The development of steam technology and later on electrical power which allowed the study of literature and technical materials beyond daylight hours for everyone who have access to incandescent lighting. What this meant for civilization and the political ideas that these inventions made possible and...

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Aram Hessami: Political Theory of Aristotle part 2(2/2)

Dr Cillian McBride on Political Theory

Astronomy in Political Theory

Conference from M. Nicholas CAMPION Conférence : International Astronomical Union Symposium : The Rôle of Astronomy in Society and Culture Production : Université Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg Réalisation : Colloques et Conférences Canal C2 http://canalc2.u-strasbg.fr/video.asp?idvideo=8345 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union / Volume 5 / Symposium...

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The Singapore Grip: Asian Values and Political Theory

TITLE:The Singapore Grip: Asian Values and Political Theory VENUE: NUS Bukit Timah Campus Singapore ORGANISER: Asia Research Institute, National University of Singapore SYNOPSIS: Singapore Studies from the Outside 8 – 9 Oct 2015 Josey Tom – Department International Studies and History School of Law, Christ...

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Theory of relativity 2.0. Anxiety is a political entity comprised of 8 laws.

The 8laws of anxiety hypothesis truly revolutionary level of understanding of the issue of why with all the efforts to stop depression and anxiety, its come to it that we are getting worse.

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