Political Polis: Steeve Keen and Ing. Fabio Sipolino (Modern Money Theory)

Steeve Keen Nome completo: Steve Keen Luogo Sydney, NSW, Australia Homepage: http://www.debunkingeconomics.com ………………………………………… Ing. Fabio Sipolino Skype: fabio.sipolino http://www.politicalpolis.coim

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Political Theory Commercial 1

Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy: Practicing a Politics of Reading

Chris Long describes his enhanced digital book on Socratic and Platonic Political Philosophy. Complete with out-takes.

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“Locke’s Political Theory” – Modern Philosophy, Video 20

Must the will of the majority always prevail? In this video, the Rev. Dr. Jayme Mathias, pastor of Holy Family Catholic Church in Austin, Texas, pushes us into the political thought of John Locke!

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Reasonable Accommodations Influences New Frameworks in Political Theory

The Council for European Studies (CES) fellow Samuel Bagg outlines his dissertation work. Bagg is a PhD candidate in Political Science at Duke University. Bagg also participates in the CES working group on Reasonable Accommodations.

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Pirates and the Theory of the Firm – Intro to Political Economy

COURSE OVERVIEW: Introduction to Political Economy is a self-contained and nontechnical overview of the intellectual history of political economy, the logic of microeconomics, and the definitions used in macroeconomics. It introduces the notion of a political economy, emphasizing the moral and ethical problems that markets...

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Radboud Master’s Programme: Political Theory

Political theory is the soul of political science: it’s not about determining what the facts are but about determining what they mean and what should be done with them.This Master’s specialisation offers students an unprecedented opportunity to learn to assess political values, aspirations and dreams...

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Book Launch: Hume and the Politics of Enlightenment

The Political Theory Institute at American University School of Public Affairs hosted a book launch for Associate Director Thomas Merrill's book, "Hume and the Politics of Enlightenment." Merrill, whose book was awarded the Delba Winthrop Prize for Best Recent Work in Political Philosophy, discussed his...

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The Nature of the State – A Lecture in Political Theory Part 5/5

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