Atheist often misquote and misunderstand philosopher David Hume (who happens to be an atheist) on the causal principle (or law of causality). This quote from him proves he never denied that whatever begins to exist has a cause. In fact, he believed it to be absurd that something can pop into existence uncaused out of nothing. Unfortunately, there are atheists who think it's rational for something to come into because uncaused out of nothing.

"But allow me to tell you that I never asserted so absurd a Proposition as that anything might arise without cause: I only maintain'd, that our Certainty of the Falshood of that Proposition proceeded neither from Intuition nor Demonstration; but from another Source." – David Hume to John Stewart, February, 1754, in The Letters of David Hume, ed. J. Y. T. Greig (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1932), 1: 187.


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