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DJ Augstein: Europa – Jugend – Reconquista

Sir Isaac Newton Physics Project

Physics project video presentation on Sir Isaac Newton – the lab and some other dumb part are both left out due to size and um-importantness.

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La Reconquista – La gran aventura del reino de Asturias – 01 La batalla de Covadonga

La Reconquista de España – La gran aventura del reino de Asturias – 01 La batalla de Covadonga. Del programa de radio La Estrella Polar. Con José Javier Esparza y Almudena Collado.

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David Hume. Parte 3 de 3

The Mainstream Media Encourages Taqiyya? (David Wood)

2017-03-09 Servus TV Thema – Lügenpresse Roger Köppel 1

Moralismus – Die Medien bevormunden das Volk. Es spricht: Roger Köppel, Chef der Schweizer "Weltwoche" und SVP-Politiker

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Aztlan Reconquista

540 Cube 1966 Chevy Biscayne Drag Strip Runs – Proving Isaac Newton Wrong V8TV-Video – 314-783-8325 – This 1966 Chevy Biscayne looks like it belongs in an old lady's garage, not making mid-10 second passes on the dragstrip!

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