Isaac Newton
Some students inscribed their names on the wall of the King's School.
A student also inscribed lsaac Newton on the wall.
He was lsaac Newton, a mathematician, scientist.
and astronomer who formulated the law of universal gravitation.
Newton was born in Lincolnshire, England on the morning of Christmas in 1642.
He was a very weak baby.
After graduation from the University of Cambridge,
he continued his researches until he became a professor at the age of 27 on the recommendation of a professor.
While doing astronomical research after making a reflecting telescope
that was much better than the existing ones,
he became a member of the Royal Society.
When Newton was 42 years old, he published Principia, the book of his researches.
All the other scholars were surprised and praised his researches.
Afterwards, he continued to announce his research results.
Newton remained single all his life.
He not only conducted researches
but also trained new scholars and served his country as a member of Parliament.
He also served as president of the Royal Society.
After overcoming his childhood hardship and adversity
and contributing a lot to science
along with many theories on the basis of his great patience and can-do attitude,
Newton died at the age of 85 on March 20, 1727.
The name lsaac Newton he inscribed
is still on the discolored wall of the King's School as a good memory of his reputation.


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