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Muslim Conductor Tries to force audience to accept Islam in Europe gets befitting reply

John Passmore on Hume: Section 4

Hume The leading philosopher of the Scottish Enlightenment, David Hume, is the subject of this program. In it, expert John Passmore of the National Australian University discusses causality as the cornerstone of Hume's philosophy. Also discussed are three of Hume's basic philosophical views:anything that is...

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Brigada 1238 – Reconquista

BRIGADA 1238 – RECONQUISTA TRANSLATION: Sitting on a horse I knew how to die Standing and on the floor, I shed my blood Stories, memories that will not come back I raise my head against the Muslim! Being inheritor of Eternity I will honor the...

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Islam in Europe 9 of 11

astonishing documentary about Muslims who rules Spain for over 700 years and enlightened whole Europe with modern knowledge.

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Lo Pibitos – Reconquista

Artista: Lo Pibitos Tema: Reconquista Disco: Bienvenidos Al Presente Letra: 01 – Reconquista Ojos, caras, bocas, hambre, llanto y tristeza hoy pesa lo que pesa y superar nos endereza paso a paso aliviana el calor de un simple abrazo hermosa, hermoso, liviana, liviano planea aeroplano...

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Protest gegen Islamisierung: Rechte besetzen Kirche in Dortmund!

m Freitagabend (16. Dezember 2016) haben nationale Aktivisten den Turm der Dortmunder Reinoldikirche besetzt, um ein weithin sichtbares Protestzeichen gegen Islamisierung zu setzen. Und den Blicken zehntausender Weihnachtsmarktbesucher, wurde deutlich gemacht, dass es Zeit ist, endlich aufzuwachen. Für eine Revolution des Geistes und der Köpfe,...

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The Problem of Islam in Europe

다문화 반대 : 관련 영상 보기 : 한국에 대한 이슬람화 전략 오늘날 혼란스러운 한국사회 속에서 그들은 은밀하고 철저하게 진행중이다.. 이미 대한민국은 그들에 의해 아시아의 이슬람 포교 중심지로 선택 되었다 전국 산하에 걸친 수백개의 이슬람 예배당과 관련 시설이 난립해있다 아직 한국사회는 이들의 위험성에 대해서...

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