Gangster Islam in Europe

Stille Islamisierung Teil 2

Learn about Gravity and Math w/ Isaac Netwon – Cool School Math & Science for Kids!

Today's Cool School video is packed with learning! Mr. Histor takes kids back in time to find Isaac Newton, famed mathematician and physicist, just chilling out under an apple tree. Before gravity causes that fated apple falls, Newton and Mr. Histor count the apples in...

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Cap06 – David Hume – La Aventura del Pensamiento

Lista de reproducción: tags: la aventura del pensamiento, Fernando Savater, filosofia, sociología, psicología, Platón, Aristóteles, Tomás de Aquino, Thomas Hobbes, Gottfried Liebniz, David Hume, Immanuel Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Soren Kierkegaard, Karl Marx, Friedrich Nietzsche, Miguel De Unamuno, Bertrand Russell, Ortega y Gasset, Ludwig Wittgenstein,...

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The Muslim Headscarf in Europe: Veiled Threat or Religious Freedom?

As part of UMBC's Humanities Forum, this is a lecture by Claudia Koonz, Department of History, Duke University. Even as the European Union promises to create shared cultural values, vehement disagreements about the Muslim headscarf reveal deep divisions within German, French, and British attitudes to...

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Doku Dokumentation: Der Islam übernimmt Europa. Europa wird Islamisiert 2017

Alternative Future of Europe in countryballs Episode 8 -(Islam in EU)-

The Common Character Trait of Geniuses

Geniuses like Isaac Newton and Richard Feynman both had the ability to concentrate with a sort of intensity that is hard for mortals to grasp. Transcript — I'm tempted to say smart, creative people have no particularly different set of character traits than the rest...

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Filosofía aquí y ahora – Kant, la experiencia posible y la experiencia imposible

Sinopsis: Kant: Crítica de la razón pura, conocer la facultad de conocer y buscar los fundamentos de la ciencia; David Hume y la noción de hábito; el giro copernicano de Kant: el sujeto constituyente; “solo hay objetos para un sujeto”; el mundo de la experiencia...

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