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Die Akte Idriz – Teil 1: Der Imam in den Medien

Imam Bajrambejamin Idriz möchte in München das 30 Millionen Euro teure "Zentrum für Islam in Europa in München" (ZIE-M) bauen. Dafür bemüht er sich in der Öffentlichkeit um ein tolerantes, moderates, aufgeschlossenes und liberales Image. Viele Politiker und Medienvertreter wollen diese Fassade gerne glauben, obwohl...

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Cell phone video of mall terror attack

Bone chilling speech about threat of Islam in Europe

12 Minnesota Muslims Join Terror Groups in Syria

Islam in Europa und die Welt Demografie.mp4

Footage of Madrid Train Bombings (10th Anniversary)

On this the 10th anniversary of the Madrid Train Bombings, is al-Qaeda "decimated" or "on the run" as President Obama said or is al-Qaeda actually stronger and doing more attacks? Don't let the victims of terrorism die in vain. It's time to join together and...

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abdelkarim honing – de islam in europa

Anti-Islam in Europe: The sad truth about Europe

So what ? You still think that Islam is a religion of peace? / Tak co ? pořád si myslíte že Islám je náboženství míru ?

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Terror Suspect Killed in Attempted Beheading of Australian Police

Australian police kill teen terror suspect who stabbed officers, foiling plot to behead cops, wrap bodies in ISIS flag: officials

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